Explore! Discover! Matsushima Bay

Getting to Know the
Matsushima Bay Area

Keys to Learning

●When visiting historical places and buildings, it is important to learn about the historical origins and cultural background of the area. The Matsushima Bay area is home to the Tohoku History Museum. The exhibits are a suitable level for 6th graders, so it is the perfect place to stop by before or after fieldwork.

●You miss out on so much when you limit experiencing places you visit to only observation.Try actively asking the staff questions at each place to deepen your knowledge and understanding.

The Environment of
Matsushima Bay and SDGs

Keys to Learning

●Observation is the key to experiencing nature and living things. Observe the shape and color of rocks, different types of flowers and plants, the way trees grow, animals’ movements and expressions. Note the similarities and differences between your observations and what you have learned in the past. Research your findings and discuss them in groups.

●In Matsushima Bay, many locals naturally implement the SDGs in their daily lives and activities. Consider sustainable local lifestyles and industries through your experiences.

Recovery and Disaster Preparedness
in Matsushima Bay

Keys to Learning

●Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, many disasters have occurred in Japan and around the world. Think about the kinds of disasters that could happen in your area and what kind of damage could occur.

●In "Learning about Matsushima Bay: Recovery and Disaster Preparedess in Matsushima Bay," we introduce Tagajo High School’s disaster preparedness and mitigation efforts. The program questions: What preparations are necessary before a disaster occurs? What actions are important to take after a disaster has occurred? Discuss these questions in groups.

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