Explore! Discover! Matsushima Bay

The Environment of Matsushima Bay and SDGs

Preserving the vitality of the ocean

Realizing connections between people,
nature, and life through the ocean.

Not just participants, but also teachers, townspeople, and families—everyone has a blast here!
To deepen communication and learning within the limited time of the experiences, it is important to share joys and struggles with others.

“Locals Sharing their Community in Their Own Language”
‘By-the-book’ Experiences Are Boring

"Toward the principle of creation, not of following precedent." This is the goal we decided on after many discussions when we launched Shichigahama Tourism.

In recent years, there has been global emphasis on the concept of SDGs and the acceptance of diversity. However, Wakako Suzuki and Shinji Hosokawa feel that in this whirlwind age of uncertainty, it is very difficult to create an experience that is relatable for everyone in the world with a standardized program manual.

“What we value in creating a plan is to formulate a program that conveys what we want people to experience in Shichigahama, now, in this moment. To do this, it is necessary for "locals to share their community in their own language," says Ms. Suzuki.

Shichigahama is full of townspeople with various specialties and livelihoods. It’s also home to a wealth of local charms and rich natural resources. By combining the unique characteristics of these elements, Shichigahama Tourism creates an infinite number of unique experience programs.

Mr. Hosokawa says, "By having only locals serve as instructors in each program, we create new communication between members who are ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ the community. Everyone can come to think about this town in their own way.”

The pair aims to create a "new form of tourism" that combines the ideas of each member involved. By building more realistic, community-based programs, they hope to create meaningful experiences, not only for participants, but also for the hosts.

“In order to have a meaningful experience, it is essential to ‘face yourself”. Only by doing this, can we turn moments into experiences, and experiences into memories,” says Ms. Suzuki passionately.

“Together, with everyone involved, we hope to welcome a new future in Shichigama. We want to create a new style of inclusive, experiential tourism that facilitates unexpected encounters that aren’t found in any manual!”

Objectives of Experience
Through outside-the-box ocean experience programs that make use of local resources, we can cultivate memories that are the basis for thinking about the importance of the ocean and the connections between nature and people. These experiences will spark your desire to learn more.

Experience Programs

New experiences where “locals share their community in their own language” are being created now. Through the ocean of Shichigahama, which shows a variety of expressions, we want to convey messages through our programs.

Shichigahama Marugoto School
①Let's Become Friends with the Sea!
Surfing and SUP experience

Teach me, Mr. Fisherman!
Learn to make a hammock with ropework

Ocean and Farming Experience
Prepare a field for cultivation by using algae as fertilizer

Exciting Octopus Fishing Adventure!

Let’s Go Out to Sea on a Sailboat!
A Sailboat Experience for Children and Adults

And many more!

※ Please note that availability may change by season.
②Experience Tour Packages
The Ocean as a Campsite: Camping at Shichigahama Beach!

Shichigahama Children's Summer Survival School
Connecting Lessons from the Present to Crime Prevention
The Faces of Shichigahama: "Egao de Egasu"
15-2 Kaminoyama, Hanabuchibahama, Shichigahama, Miyagi District, Miyagi Prefecture 985-0803
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Shichigahama TourismShinji Hosokawa (left)Wakako Suzuki (right)
Please come to experience nature and meet the fascinating people of Shichigahama!
It’s a town full of smiles.
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