Explore! Discover! Matsushima Bay

Explore! Discover! Matsushima BayExplore! Discover! Matsushima Bay

'See, experience, and learn' on your trip to Matsushima, a bay of unique encounters and experiences!

About Matsushima Bay

Where is Matsushima Bay?

Matsushima Bay is located on the central coast of Miyagi Prefecture, facing the Pacific Ocean. Matsushima Bay boasts a long history dating back to the Jomon period. The bay is blessed with abundant seafood and an excellent quality of life.
The islands scattered across the serene waters of the bay create stunning natural scenery known popularly as one of the ‘Three Most Scenic Views of Japan.’

Get to Know the Matsushima Bay Area

Matsushima has a long history that dates back to the ancient Jomon period (14,000-300 BCE). It has flourished as a popular tourist destination and is a place where many seafood products are bought and sold. Explore Matsushima Bay and experience its history, culture, and local industries.

The Environment of Matsushima Bay and SDGs

Matsushima is home to many living creatures of both the ocean and the forest. The best way to learn about nature is to experience it firsthand.
Matsushima Bay provides experiences that will strengthen you and bring vibrancy to your life.

Recovery and Disaster Preparedness in Matsushima Bay

Even today, Matsushima Bay is still recovering from the 2011 tsunami and earthquake. In learning about natural disasters and disaster preparedness, you will encounter the important message, “cherish every day.”

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