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Matsushima Walking Tour for “Two-Way Exchange”

Garyubai plum blossoms at Zuiganji Temple, in full bloom around late March. Photos courtesy of Matsushima Tourism Association

During this educational tour, discover the wonders of Matsushima as you walk through the town. It will also be an opportunity to rediscover the wonders of your own hometown through promotional activities.

“If you’re interested in knowing what Matsushima has to offer, please feel free to ask the Tourism Association anything,” says President Shiga of the Matsushima Tourism Association.

The Matsushima Tourism Association provides tourist information for guests visiting Matsushima from all over Japan and abroad. In addition, the association manages various local events, such as the Oyster Festival, and also runs an oyster shack.

Before working for the Tourism Association, President Shiga was a firefighter, who was involved in the town’s recovery and reconstruction efforts after the disaster. He’ll tell you about many wonderful places in Matsushima.

“Matsushima is a treasure trove of history. Even on a short walk around town you can see many temples and historical buildings. However, there are still many special places in Matsushima that you may not know about. I believe the role of the Tourism Association is to inform people about these hidden spots.”

Even if you revisit a path already trodden, you can discover something new if you look at it from a different perspective.

Secretary-General Katsumata tells a surprising story: "In Matsushima, students who visit on school trips have the chance to promote their own towns.

“We place importance on two-way exchange with the schools that visit us on school trips. There have been schools that sing songs or bring flowers from their towns for tourists. The students create their own ideas for promoting their towns in Matsushima. Some students have even brought handmade pamphlets about their towns.

“I hope that you’ll have an enjoyable school trip in Matsushima, and that in addition to discovering the charms of our town, you’ll rediscover the charms of your own as well.”

Objective of Experiences
Matsushima is dotted with many famous and historic sites within easy walking distance. Even en route to your destinations, there are many halls and shrines. Please take your time and enjoy a walk full of discoveries!

A Walking Tour to Experience Matsushima’s HistoryAll of the spots mentioned here can be visited on foot.

In telling Matsushima’s story, the Date family, of course, cannot be left out. Many of the historical buildings we see today were built under the Date family’s patronage. Successive lords of the domain after Masamune also loved Matsushima. Take a trip to experience the 'Date spirit'.

Date Masamune History Museum
Learn the history of the Date family
Godaido Hall
A Buddhist hall rebuilt by Masamune.
Zuiganji Temple
The Date family temple and a symbol of Matsushima.
Entsuin Temple
Resting place of Masamune's grandson, Mitsumune, and home to a beautiful garden.
A villa where the Date family held tsukimi (moon viewing) parties.

Matsushima Tourism Association

98-1 Chonai, Matsushima, Matsushima Town, Miyagi District Opening hours: 8:30–17:00 (April–November)
■Opening hours:
8:30–17:00 (April–November)
8:30–16:30 (December–March)
No holidays (open year-round)
Note: Large baggage that does not fit in lockers can be stored at the tourism association for a fee.
(During business hours only).
We also lend out wheelchairs free of charge. (No reservation required).
Matsushima Tourism AssociationYasushi Shiga, President (right)
Kaori Katsumata, Secretary-General (left)
If you come to Matsushima on your school trip, make sure to tell people about your town, too! We're looking forward to welcoming you!
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