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The Environment of Matsushima Bay and SDGs

Preserving the vitality of the ocean

Matsushima Bay Fishing Tours for Building a Strong Spirit

"Just a minute," says Captain Sakurai as he stops to harvest some seaweed in between island exploring.

Set sail and explore the same waters traversed by samurai lords!
A variety of tour plans include traditional fishing or seafood harvesting experience

“It was a very ordinary thing for the fishermen of Matsushima Bay to dock their boats on an island to have lunch. So I decided to start doing that with my customers. That was how it started,” laughs Captain Sakurai, an archetypical “man of the sea.” At Harbor House Kaname, you can enjoy fishing and marine sports with Captain Sakurai.

Tour plans vary depending on the season. You can experience boat fishing, wakame seaweed harvesting, and even banana boating. You can also try your hand at drive fishing, a traditional fishing method; swimming on an uninhabited island; barbecuing on a raft; and even an oyster hot pot! 

"Matsushima is the place where the Date family came to enjoy boating. The scenery and environment are great, so there are plenty of ways to enjoy the bay!”

After choosing a plan according to the time of day, set off for the bay in a fishing boat! Unlike large boats, the fishing boat pulls in close enough to touch the islands’ surfaces.

“The feudal lords took time to carefully examine the patterns on the islands’ surfaces and the pine trees’ shapes. Look carefully at each pine tree as you gaze at the islands. That’s what a real island tour is all about.”

During the island tour, you can also land on Zaijojima, a small island where Lord Date Masamune is said to have held moon-viewing parties.

"This indentation is thought to be a staircase that Masamune carved to make it easier for him to climb. If you climb to the top, you can see the same view that Masamune saw.”

Captain Sakurai hopes this experience will help people build strong spirits and a resilient way of life.

“Drive fishing is possible because of the intricate topography of Matsushima Bay; wakame seaweed cultivation is possible because of the calm waves. I want people to not only see and experience, but also learn about the topography, tides, winds, and other things they can learn from the sea.”

With the bay as your field, you can experience history and culture, and therefore play, learn, and build a strong spirit. Those are the kinds of experiences Matsushima Bay offers.

Objective of Experience
After the fishing experience, you can eat the seafood you catch and harvest. This is a series of experiences that appeals to all the senses: touring the bay (experiencing history and culture), harvesting (physical experience), and eating (food education experience).

Experience Programs

In the endlessly calm waters of Matsushima Bay, you can enjoy island hopping, hands-on fishing, and marine leisure.
Enjoy a barbecue of freshly caught seafood.

Boat Fishing Experience
●9:00: Depart from the harbor and experience fishing with both standard and traditional methods
●12:00: Return to Port 'Seafood Harvest Festival' lunch (approx 1 hour)
●Capacity: Up to 50 people
*You can start the experience in the morning with an advance reservation.
*Required time depends on the content of the experience.
*In winter, you can harvest wakame seaweed.

Harbor House Kaname

98 Suka, Akanuma, Rifu, Miyagi District
■Hours of Operation:
No holidays (open all year round)
Harbor House KanameTamotsu Sakurai, Captain
Matsushima Bay is a natural playground! You can experience things like fishing, seaweed harvesting, island hopping, and much more!
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